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End time!

Today’s verse: Matthew 24:14

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

Scripture: Matthew 24:1-14

Just like us the disciples also wanted to know what’s gonna happen in the future and asks Jesus about the same. Let’s see Jesus’ response to it.

Know the destruction (verse 1,2):

When the world trade center in New York was attacked and destructed on 9/11, the newspapers commented that we can only speak about the World Trade Center that was here. In the same way, Jesus told that the Jerusalem temple will be destructed (Micah 3:12). This destruction doesn’t talk about the coming of the Messiah. Because He talks about it after verse 4 only. Days are coming where all the beautiful things will be no more. Just think how many temples are destructed and fired. Let’s not live in ignorance about the time we are living at (Ephesians 5:15-17).

Know the signs (verses 3-8):

Jesus tells about the signs of His coming. 1). Deceitful preachings (verse 5), 2). Fights amongst the nations and families  (India – Pakistan; Israel – Palestine) (verse 6) 3). Natural calamities (verse 7). All these are beginning of the end times (1 Thessalonians 5:1-3). We see all these signs today. All these are not just the fulfillment of the Word of God but also a caution to all of us. We also see a sign in verse 14 which is mentioned by Jesus at the end.

Know the disunity (verses 9-14):

We see how love is fading away through the disunity amongst our believers, ministers, and so on. Because many are selfish (2 Timothy 3:1-5) in their motives and actions, people betray each other and have enmity. Amongst all these, we should stand strong as a child of God.

Look around, take time and find out what are the end time signs you are seeing in your society today?

Dear God,
Give me the awareness and wisdom about the end times. Amen!

The two questions!

Today’s verse: Matthew 22:37

“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.”

Scripture: Matthew 22: 34-45

(Make sure to read the Scripture passage before reading the blog)

In today’s passage, we see two important questions being asked. One was asked by a Pharisee who was a lawyer and the other question was asked by Jesus.

Which is the great commandment? (verses 34-40):

Jesus answered with the right answer to all those who questioned Him so far. A lawyer who is familiar with the commandments given to Moses questions, ‘Which is the great commandment?’ (Deuteronomy 6:4-6). Christianity is based on the love we have for God and the love we shower towards our neighbors. Love should come deep from our hearts. In the Old Testament period, we see situations based on Tit for Tat. But as we are all living in the New Testament era, we should forgive others’ mistakes and accept them (Matthew 5:38-48). When our love for God increases, brotherly love increases as well (loving our neighbors). This love is complete when it is visible in our actions.

Who is Christ? (verses 41-45):

Jesus gave answers to all the questions asked by the Pharisees and Sadducees. But Pharisees struggle to answer the question asked by Jesus (John 8:3-11). Bartholomeu the blind man called Him saying the ‘Son of David.’ When Jesus entered Jerusalem, people shouted saying ‘Hosanna to the Son of David.’ It is significant to know Jesus as the Lord of David than the Son of David. We should not see Him just as a David who won all the wars in the world, but we should see Him as the Son of God who showers God’s love upon us through His sacrifice. The Pharisees saw Him as a man who was born in David’s son. They failed to see Him as the Son of God (Luke 24:13-16,25-31). There are many who hasn’t entered into this experience yet.

Keeping God as our first priority increases our respect!

Dear God,
Help me to know You more and love You and my neighbors more. Amen!

The leaders’ doubt!

Today’s verse: Matthew 22:32

‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

Scripture: Matthew 22:15-33

(Make sure to read the Scripture passage mentioned above before reading the blog)

The Pharisees plotted how they might entangle Him in His talk. In today’s scripture, we see the government discuss questions on religion.

About paying tax (verse 15-22):

 The Herodians are a small group that supported Herod the king. They gave importance to paying taxes to the Roman government. They had differences of opinion with the Pharisees in many places but when it came to tax they joined together (Luke 23:11,12). Their intentions were

  1. Wicked (verse 18) 2. Deceitful praise (verse 15) 3. To test Jesus (verse 18)

Every Christian is a citizen of His/Her country. Hence we are liable to pay the taxes to the government (Matthew 17:24-27). Those who evade it cannot be truly Christian.

About resurrection (verse 23-33):

The Sadducees who try to prove that there is no resurrection, angels, and spirits come to Jesus to question the religious code and conduct. We can understand this as they question what Moses mentioned (verse 24). Reading Bible with an intention to argue or to see through the human mindset (Jude 3,4) will lead us in the wrong direction. Since the Sadducees gave importance to their policies they were ignorant about the word of God (verse 29). They did not have the right understanding of faith-based experiences. We should try to understand our Christian experiences based on Bible.

God’s word is not for argument. It is for life and living!

Dear God,
Help me to understand Your powerful word with the right understanding. Amen!

The Chief priests – Part 3

Today’s verse: Matthew 22:14

“For many are called, but few are chosen.”

Scripture: Matthew 22: 1-14

(Make sure to read the scripture mentioned above before reading the blog)

Jesus narrates yet another parable about the chief priests and the Pharisees.

Those who were called:

How proud we will feel if we get an invitation from a King Himself! Some received such an invitation that they could feel proud about. They were close to the King. They are none other than the Jewish leaders! The chosen ones by God. Today we also receive the same invitation through Christ (Matthew 11:28; Isaiah 55:1-3). We should know what we are called for through the word of God.

Those who ignored:

Those who received an invite from the King were busy with their worldly stuff and forgot the invitation and ignored it. They gave importance to their own well-being alone (work, education, and so on) (Luke 14:15-21). If we don’t give the first priority to Jesus Christ, it means that we ignore Him.

Those who mistreated:

Some did not just stop with ignoring the King but killed His servants. They will definitely face the consequences of His wrath. In what way do we mistreat or belittle Jesus? (Hebrews 6: 4-8). Instead of being a testimony for Him, do we reject Him saying we don’t know Him like Peter? Are we limiting His power and holiness through our actions?

Those who missed the chance:

Those who missed the chance were considered as a stranger. They missed the opportunity to enter the wedding. Now even if they wish to enter, they get no chance to do it. Because they have already rejected Him (Matthew 23:37-39). There is nothing worse than missing the opportunity given to us.

Ignoring or getting ready? What do you spend your time at?

Dear God,
Help me not to lose the opportunity to enter the Heavenly kingdom. Amen

The Chief Priests – Part 2

Today’s verse: Matthew 21:42

… ‘The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone, This was the LORD’S doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?

Scripture: Matthew 21: 33-46

(Make sure to read the scripture mentioned above before reading the blog)

Jesus narrates this parable to tell about the chief priests and the Pharisees.

They were cruel:

How much money, time, and work one has to invest to create a garden! A landowner spent a lot of money and put all his hard work into planting a vineyard and leased it to vinedressers. But the vinedressers took advantage of it and seemed to be of no care. They were given many chances (Jeremiah 7:25-26). But they did not make use of it. God sent many prophets. But the Jewish leaders killed many of them. They hardened their hearts. They did more evil than their fathers. Remember, if we harden our hearts and disobey the word of God even after knowing It (Proverbs 29:1; Jeremiah 16:11-13), we are also evil in the sight of God.

They considered Him as meager:

The vinedressers killed not only the servants but also the only son, the heir. They took him and cast him out of the vineyard and killed him. They did not fear the landowner. In the same way, the Jewish leaders considered Jesus of nothing and killed Him (Matthew 27:37-44). Even today we see many Christians who consider God, His works, and His miracles as nothing, right? Where do you stand in this?

They rejected Him:

The Jews did not accept Jesus but rejected Him. Although Jesus was rejected, in the end, He has become important in our lives. Do we realize His greatness in our lives? (Philippians 3:10-11). He is the best in the world. But it is worrisome and burdening to see many rejecting Him. Remember, He was, He is, and He will be the cornerstone in our lives.

Examine yourself – What place do you give for Christ in your life?

Dear God,
Help me to give You the first priority in my life and to obey You all the time. Amen!

David supplicates

Today’s verse: Psalm 71: 6

By You I have been upheld from birth; You are He who took me out of my mother’s womb. My praise shall be continually of You.

Scripture: Psalm 71

(Make sure to read the Scripture passage mentioned above, before reading the blog)

Although David crossed his youthhood and became old, he never stopped praying or praising God. Today’s passage is a prayer of David in his old age!

He remembers and pleads (verses 1-8):

David remembers how God saved Him and How God was his rock, tower, and refuge (verse 3). He pleads to God keeping in mind how God held his hand since the day he was formed in his mother’s womb (verse 6). Just like how God saved him at his young age (1 Samuel 23:15-29), he pleads with God to save him in his old age as well.

He pleads to God not to let him go (verses 9-13):

He depends on God and pleads with God to save Him from all the health issues he faces as he becomes old. He learns that his enemies gather and talk against him and pleads with God (Isaiah 37:8-20). Although he faced a lot of trouble even at his old age, he never gave up on his faith. Do not cast me off (verse 9), do not be far from me (verse 12) – we can the depth of his prayers in these words.

He prays with praises (verses 14-24):

David with his faith praises God for His salvation, His power, His mighty works, and all that He taught Him from his childhood (Psalm 119:71). He pleads to God to continually do wonders in His life and not let him go. From verses 20 to 24, David praises God with all his trust in Him.

It is a great experience to remember God’s goodness while praising Him.

Dear God,
Help me to remain in the faith that you are my deliverer at all times. Amen!

The chief priests – Part 1

Today’s verse: Matthew 21:22

“And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

Scripture: Matthew 21: 18-32

(Make sure to read the scripture passage mentioned above before reading the blog)

Although Jesus was born as a jew, He was not accepted by the jews. Jesus points out about them through few incidents.

Fruitless life (verses 18-20):

Fig tree denotes Israel. Jesus curses the fig tree since it did not give any fruit (Isaiah 5:1-7; Hosea 9:10). Although they could be proud that they are chosen by God, they did not have any of His nature. They were supposed to be a blessing to others but they were a stumbling block. They did not accept Jesus who came as the Messiah. Because of this, they will have judgment. If we live a fruitless life like them, we will also be cursed! We should remember that we are chosen and we are supposed to be a blessing to many!

Questioning about the authority (verses 23-27):

The chief priests asked a question mockingly in order to find a fault from Jesus (Luke 20:19,20,40). Jesus instead of giving the answer made them think and realize. Since their intention was to find fault they weren’t able to learn the truth or to answer Him. Just like how they were given the authority as a chief priest (Acts 4: 5-12) they must have imagined that someone must have given Him the authority as well.

Disobedient life (verses 28-32):

Jesus comes up with a parable to answer the chief priests who did not answer Him. Jesus loved the sinners, tax collectors, and those who went astray because they repented from their sinful lives. But the Pharisees and scholars acted as if they were devoted to God and listened to the preachings of John the Baptist but did not have true repentance (Matthew 23:37-39). Remember we live a disobedient life when we keep listening to sermons, read the Bible every day and still lead a sinful life!

A fruitless life stops us from entering the kingdom of heaven. Examine yourself and correct when you go wrong!

Dear God,
Help me to obey You and live a fruitful life. Amen

God, who listens!

Today’s verse: Matthew 21:9

… Hosanna to the Son of David! ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’ Hosanna in the highest!”

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-17

Imagine the richest man like Billgates asking an ordinary middle-class man if he needs something from him. But God, who is the richest of all, asks us for something. Let’s see what they are!

To be useful for God (verses 1-11):

It was a tradition to make the one who is anointed as King sit on a donkey and go for a procession (1 Kings 1:32-40). Here to make Jesus Christ journey as a King, a donkey is loosened (Luke 13:10-16). It testifies that Jesus is the King. In the same way, our lives also should be useful for God. If we accept Him as the King and be useful for Him, we will be lifted up one day!

To guard our holiness (verses 12,13):

Jesus was troubled to see the house of prayer being turned into a den of thieves. It is not right to have worldly business in a place where we worship God. Business is done with profit intention. In that case, our heart, which is a dwelling place for God (1 Corinthians 3:16,17), should not give place for any emotions or purpose that gives importance to worldly desires.

To be accepted (verses 14-17):

When the church was cleansed, blind and lame came to church in search of Jesus and received a new life. Our lives should stop the poor and the needy from coming to church and worshipping Him (Matthew 18:6-9). All our worldly desires should be eliminated from us.

If we lead a holy life, God will use us for building His Kingdom.

Dear God,
Cleanse me to carry You in me and show the world that you are the King of Kings. Amen.

Save me, O God! – Part 2

If you haven’t read the Part – 1 yet, Click the link below to read!

Today’s verse: Psalm 69: 33

The Lord hears the poor, And does not despise His prisoners.

Scripture: Psalm 69: 19-36

Although we live with emotions like bitterness, anger, disappointment, pain, etc., we should never give up in praising God. We can see in today’s passage how the Psalm is started with lamentations and painful words but ends with praises.

David’s pain (verses 19-21):

David was shattered by the problems his friends kept creating. His pain increased as he felt shame and dishonor from his friends. Friends, those who had to help him, betrayed. Jesus also was troubled like David (Matthew 26:55,56). But remember God is able to help us in the midst of all such pain and troubles we face (Hebrews 2:18; 4:15,16).

David’s prayer (verses 22-28):

When we have bitterness towards people, we tell it to them and get relieved from it. But David did not waste his time by sharing his problems and bitterness to people. Instead he shares it all with God. He always had a thought that he doesn’t have any rights to punish the one God created. So he always submits his problems to God and He takes care of it. 

David’s assurance (verses 29-32):

David seems to be confident and assured rather than to feel discouraged (Job 1:20-22). We see his assurance in verse 33. David also says that if God delivers him, people around him will also start to trust God (verse 32). David shows us an example by depending on God in spite of disappointments and bitterness.

If the problems that we face separates us from God then our salvation isn’t complete.

Dear God,
Let my faith in You multiply by Your grace. Amen.

God, who reveals!

Today’s verse: Matthew 20:34

So Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes. And immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed Him.

Scripture: Matthew 20:17-34

Jesus makes a journey towards Jerusalem. This is the last time Jesus travels towards this place. Many did not know it then. In today’s passage, we will discuss the incidents that happened there.

He revealed about the trials and tribulations (verses 17-19):

Jesus revealed everything that is going to happen to His disciples. The world expects to talk about good and happy things. But since Jesus spoke about the trials, even His disciples denied it (Matthew 16:21-23). God revealed to Paul that one has to suffer. Peter reveals to us that we will have sufferings during these tough times. Problems? Suffering? We don’t have to fear because God is with us (John 16:32-33).

He reveals the secret (verse 20 – 28):

The mother of James and John asks for a place for her children in the heavenly kingdom. Jesus says that it is a wrong petition (James 4:1-3) and reveals the secret to attain greatness. See verses 25 and 27. How far today’s world that preaches to take the short route will accept Jesus’ preaching?

He revealed His compassion (verses 29-34):

When the blind men cried out saying, “Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David!” Jesus revealed His compassion and healed them. This compassion is revealed even today. No matter what needs we have, God helps us without any partiality (Luke 18: 1-8).

We should always have the heart to help others even in our sufferings.

Dear God,
Give me an open heart. Amen.