Our Ministry Leaders

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Executive Administrator

Pearl works with Global AIM as the Executive Administrator. She is a creative young woman, a diary writer, and a Civil Engineer who turned into God’s disciple. She had a calling for God’s ministry since her childhood. But her parents never showed interest in it since she was born a girl.  Like every other Indian parent, she was compelled to join engineering after her schooling. It took a year of her employment with a real estate company to make her parents realize that engineering was not her cup of tea.

She was an active Sunday School teacher and a teen leader at her home church. She has also worked as a life skills trainer in various schools where she had to train the students on emotional, social, and thinking skills. As a life skills trainer, she got an opportunity to work with schools of varied backgrounds. She worked with some of the schools in the villages of India where the parents were so narrow-minded and so were their children. In contrast, she also had to work in schools where the parents of each child were from the film fraternity, whose children had a totally different lifestyle. This opened her mind to a new perspective on how each child is different because of the culture, family background, education, and so many other reasons. This gave her a sense of responsibility in dealing with each child she meets in her day-to-day life. This also helped her in realizing her calling and being a difference in others’ life.

Pearl is a wife, content writer, and storyteller. She creates success stories and loves what she does because she does what she loves to do! She finds great joy and accomplishment in making a difference and being the difference in others’ life. She is a highly motivated individual who believes Leadership is in leading thyself. She is focused and passionate about helping people realize their worth and creating a positive influence in others to craft, cherish and comprise a “God-loving-life”.

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Missionary Associate, Los Angeles, CA

Shalini Chavez works with Global AIM (Asian Indian Ministry) as a US Missionary Associate. She is in the process of getting her Pastoral Credentials. Shalini holds a Masters of Divinity, Pastoral Counseling degree from Liberty University. Upon graduating in May 2017, Shalini has gone into full time ministry. She has been going on missions globally since 2014, her first missions trip was to Haiti where she ministered to orphans, street kids, and at after school programs for kids. She has been to Haiti five times since then. She recently went on a mission trip to India where she ministered to girls rescued from sex trafficking, and shared her testimony in Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi services. Her focus is to spread the gospel among Asian Indians here in the USand globally. Prior to going into full time ministry Shalini worked as a Sr. Auditor at Monster Beverage Company, in Corona.

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Outreach Coordinator, Kingsburg, CA

Dave and Chris were married in 1973. They have three sons;John, James and Jason. John and wife, Kim, made their home in Paradise, California, now resettling in Chico. James and wife, Jacqueline, live in Alhambra and are worship and youth pastors of Bethany Church of Alhambra. Jason and wife Jackie, live in Bakersfield. Jason is a missionary associate with Assemblies of God U.S. Missions and works with the Global AIM Friendship and Resource Center in Bakersfield.

Dave and Chris have more than 40 years of ministerial experience. They’ve served as youth pastors at Bethel Christian Center in Fresno, youth and associate pastor at Pacific Coast Community Church of Huntington Beach, and youth pastor at Full Gospel Church of King City. Dave and Chris have also served for 7 years as pastor of Full Gospel Church, 11 years as pastor of Skyway Assembly of God in Paradise, California, and 3 years as the pastor of the Country Church of Centerville, and pastor of New Life Assembly of God in Wofford Heights for 10 years. Dave retired from pastoral ministry in 2015, but has continued to actively engage in ministry as Outreach Director for Global AIM.

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ESL Director

Randy is an ordained Assemblies of God minister, who has pastoral experience. Also, Randy is a certified school teacher with the state of California. He has taught both in public elementary school and in the state prison system adult education. Randy earned his bachelor degree from Bethany Bible College and a masters degree from National University. Randy earned a Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development Certificate (CLAD). Randy developed the basic Global AIM ESL material while teaching ESL in the prison system for fifteen years. The Global AIM ESL material is based upon ESL theory and the practical application of teaching the material in the daily routine of the classroom with adult students who were in the process of learning to communicate in English both spoken and written.

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Missionary Associates, Wisconsin

Zorina, a fourth generation Indian was born in the Island of Trinidad and Tobago into a diverse family where her parents were from different religions.

Zorina was seeking peace and the truth about God when she came across Joyce Meyer’s testimony and received the Lord through one of Joyce’s TV programs. Tony has been involved reaching out to families and children since the past 25 years.

Tony and Zorina have been married since the past three years and have an intense desire to reach the Asian Indian community in Wisconsin with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

[slz_main_title style=”style-1″ title=”Jason & Jackie Taylor”]

Missionaries, Bakersfield, CA

Jason and Jackie have been married since June 2009. They previously worked with ‘Youth With a Mission’ at ‘Gleanings for the Hungry’ in Dinuba, California for 5 years. Jackie enjoys studying languages and it’s Jason desire to provide practical help for families through service at their home church in Crawford, CA. Jason has also earned his Certificate of  Ministry with the So Cal Network Assemblies of God and is working towards becoming a Licensed Minister.

Both Jason and Jackie were born in California and raised in Christian environments. Jason was a child of a pastor and grew up in multiple places in California. Jackie was raised in Kern County, up in the mountains at Lake Isabella, mostly in Wofford Heights.

They have been working with Global AIM since March of 2015 and are serving as local missionaries and teaching ESL at the Bakersfield Friendship Center.

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Ministry Partners, San Diego, CA

David is from Hyderabad, India and he has grown to love the Lord since accepting Him at age 12.He moved to the United States in 2005 to pursue graduate studies.

The Lord opened a door for him to minister to Asian Indians students at San Diego State University and in the local community.

David is consultant for Samsung semiconductor. He and Jessica were married on May 28,2014 and are the proud parents of two young sons, Josiah and James.

[slz_main_title style=”style-1″ title=”Midhun & Ancy Raj”]

Ministry Partners, Vista, CA

Midhun and Ancy are a God loving family sharing God’s love to all the nations with passion, love and care. They were born and raised in the southern part of India in a state called Kerala, also known as “God’s own country.” Midhun and Ancy accepted and began following Jesus’ love as teenagers in India.They learned and experienced Christian beliefs working among youth and children. Midhun and Ancy are both professionally educated and experienced in engineering backgrounds. They have been serving withGlobal AIM through evangelical ministries and technical media/engineering support for since 2013. Midhun and Ancy are now serving communities and families in Vista with a mission guided by God to “Love one another.”

[slz_main_title style=”style-1″ title=”Chacko & Alice Thomas”]

Pastors, Grace Global Church, Bakersfield

Chacko and Alice Thomas are recent immigrants to the US from India. They came to the US seeking employment and a better life. Upon relocating to Bakersfield to live with family, Chacko was introduced to Simon Gounder and a friendship quickly ensued. Chacko was also a pastor in India.

Chacko’s desire to continue ministry in America. The connection with Simon was no coincidence! Chacko became involved with Global AIM at the Friendship Center in Bakersfield, first helping with interpreting in Hindi for the ESL students and later starting his own fellowship group. The fellowship group has grown to become Grace Global Church, a Global AIM Church Plant.

Chacko and Alice have two children, Nancy and Joshua. Nancy is enrolled in college and Joshua is in high school. Both children serve at Grace Global Church as worship leaders in Hindi and English.

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Ministry Partners, Levelland, TX

Keith and Patricia Paxton are Missionaries for Global AIM in Levelland, West Texas. They both have extensive background in ministry as Pastors in West Texas, evangelists, short-term missions to Mexico and Italy conducting tent crusades and building churches.  Keith is currently the Chairman of New Hope Ministries, a prison ministry to inmates as well as providing clothing, food, and other basic need to the local community.

Keith and Patricia have also created a new outreach ministry entitled Project Isaac which encourages seniors to get involved in outreach and find a new purpose in their life. Project Isaac wants to bring an awakening of the church, especially seniors, to pray Asian Indians.

Keith and Patricia were married in 2010. They have five children between the two of them, twenty-one grandchildren and three great-grandchildren! When they’re not involved in ministry they enjoy remodeling, cooking, and art.